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Game Feedback Post .7.4B

This feedback will include class specific critique as well as other general bugs that might be known to the Devs.

Wolf summons- The general art look of the wolfs is a bit to bland needs to be spiced up. Make them look more ferocious. Animation can be spiced up if you spec into them giving them a more potent specialized feeling then any one who just places the skill on their bar. Give them a different gap closer then leap. Wolf specialization tree needs more active synergies for the wolf activation ability.

Summon Spriggan: This pet has an active ability that doesn’t seem to be in range a majority of the time if you are doing melee. It tends to run off on its own and you will be clicking the active heal and it is no where to be seen (using A to attack doesn’t bring it closer for the heal you normally have to move into it).

Fury Leap:
This is more towards the wolf passive but if you specialized into leap their is a passive called Pack Leader that causes wolfs to leap with you. Seems redundant and the wolf animation looks silly.

Werebear form:
Specialization tree skill Bloodthirst allows you to have a chance to summon totems that you specialized in. The problem with this is that the primalist only has 2 totems and of the two you can only specialize one as a druid useless passive. This should probably be moved over to the shaman spec with frenzy totem. Toggling out of werebear forms puts everything on cooldown (this is known by the devs and is said to be a engine limitation). Werebear art needs to be spiced up as well. I’m not really a fan of the Werecat attack sound, thought I was a bear.

Passive tree:
Druid has chance to summon spirit barbs on spell cast. This should be changed to attacks as well, specifically to synergize with all druid skills including Wereforms/abilities.
Primal shifter passive only useful once you go into wereform not vice versa.
There is sometimes a delay in casting a ability and then trying to go into Wereform. You have to mash the ability multiple times. Should also probably add maybe an AOE move after the transformation so it is a bit more obvious in the heat of battle.

General bugs:
After casting an ability the character gets stuck in place till they cast another ability. Sometimes requires the use of leap to free up.

If you have opened up the drop box on the skill bar then go into the skill menu to try and look at a specialization tree it will place what ever you have selected onto that skill bar slot. This also prevents you from browsing the skill specialization trees.

Please add an apply for skill specialization so I can easily browse the trees with out worrying about selecting them.

All skill specialization need a little more synergy and active abilities love added to them.

Anyways the game so far is fun outside of the minor hitching and learning by trial and error what skills synergize with others. Keep up the work Devs.

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