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Game Crashing and Stuttering


My game is crashing very often, which also crashes my PC. Everything freezes up and I’m not able to do anything so I am forced to shut my PC down manually. This appears to be happening with Unity based games from my experience. Can someone please investigate this? I’ve attached my output log and also the dxdiag log google drive links.


Any updates on this?


have problem freeze here. But dont need to shut my PC down. Only close the game.
I cannt play for 5 min and the game freeze.


Sorry about this! Have you tried playing on a different character, in case it’s to do with specific skills or similar? We’ve been making improvements so let us know if this still happens.


All my characteres freeze in Mushroom Farm. The zone loads and freezes “has stopped working” message.
I bought a rx 570 and a ssd just to play LE, but have not yet arrived.
I am anxiously awaiting the correction of these errors. thank you


ya i’m having the same prob with my game crashing

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