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Game crashes in Way station Complex


Every time i enter the lower part of way station complex, my game crashes. It
did it 3 times to me yesterday afternoon, then played later last night but just did monoliths and the game ran fine. I revisited way station complex area today after running monoliths for about an hour and immediately crashes again when i get to the lower area. It’s already happened twice again today.

Also, when I enter the game with a character, as soon as the screen loads and opens, my inventory screen is open and my character stutter steps around “the end of time” for about 30-40 seconds and clicking on the X on my inverntory window doesn’t respond until the stutter stepping smoothes out. Then the game is fine and runs pretty smooth.


Edit: After browsing tech support forums I found that the Way station complex crash is happening to other people as well and that the Devs are aware of it and are working on a fix. If anyone comes across the same issue, I guess dropping the graphic quality to very low fixs the issue. Also, dropping the graphic quality fix was confirmed by the author of the thread.

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