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Game crashes during specific moments

There are 3 types of this moments - when i come back into Council Chambers location through a portal, when i repeatedly summon normal skeletons and skeleton mages, and when i tried to enter second time rift i had encountered in the game after Wei-something ruins location. After 3-4 crashes game is stopped to be seen by steam as installed, even when all files are still on ssd.

Ed.1: oh yes, i use ultra graphic settings. Depending on location it either run smoothly 60 fps or lags in around 15-20 fps.

I really hope this would be fixed in 0.7.7 (22.1 KB)

Sorry to hear about this! I’ve looked at your output_log and it indicates an additional crash log was created at C:/Users/ECCLES~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes. Please upload the one that matches the time of the output_log you just posted (multiple crash reports are kept).

If you haven’t already, I would recommend following this support article. I haven’t heard of the game failing to be recognized by steam outright, so I can’t give more specific advice unfortunately.

If the problem persists after verifying the game’s files (or re-installing if necessary), it would be helpful to get more log files from you. This crash you uploaded occurred when entering Council Chambers, but if you crash when entering a different zone or even during normal gameplay, it’s worthwhile to upload the output_log and crash log again.

Thanks for taking the time to post and get us log files, I appreciate it!

Here is additional crash logs you had requested. I had reinstalled the game at least once during that day, but crashes had continued to happen and at some moment steam had failed to recognise if game was installed again.

Some folders in crash logs were empty though. (706.9 KB)

Unfortunately the files you’ve uploaded don’t give me a clear course of action to recommend.

We are making lots of backend changes for 0.7.7, so I can’t really put much time into investigating this currently, as it may not apply any more. If you encounter issues after the patch, please let us know. Thanks!

same here.couple day’s ago 16 crashes in 6hours lol… suddenly game freezes,screen turns black,then i get kicked to windows home screen,last epoch still running with sound etc… but wont respond.

Could you please make a new thread post the same files as Ecclessia did? Not every case is the same so having more diagnostic files can help us get a clearer picture. Thanks!

i allready got a topic,my bad ,i reply’d on your message i didnt wanted to tag you in it idk how to say :smiley:

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