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Game crash in Temple of Eterra


I’m new to the game and I’ve logged around 7+ hours without issue. As soon as discovered the Temple of Eterra map, I’m able to run through it for maybe up to 2 mins at a time and then I get a Unity game crash.

I’m on Windows 10, Steam, v0.7.7F

I have read through this forum a bit and found others with similar’ish problems. This is the only area so far that’s causing the game to crash. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve uploaded the Player file from the last crash. (24.2 KB)

Hi WhoopinOnYou, I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem. We have a few updates for this area that should help with this issue next patch. It’s a really tough nut to crack but we’re optimistic. If this crash is consistent, can you bring up your memory usage on screen while you play to see if it’s capping out while playing. I also noticed that you’re installing it on your D drive, is that an SSD? We’ve had some issues with people who are playing on a platter drive. (long shot though)

Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply.

My D: drive is an SSD. I have a primary SSD (500GB) and a second SSD (1TB).

I’ll bring up a utility to monitor the GPU and System memory and report back if I find anything of interest when it crashes again through that area.

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Im crashing in temple of eterra as well. Constantly. Running a mage using fireball with max projectiles. Hopefully this can be resolved. Not sure if its the location or the skill tree thats causing it.

Couldnt get out of the area without crashing. I just ran through the area to see if it would make a difference. I have not crashed since I left the area.