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Game constantly crashing since return

I have over 400 hours in this game, but havent played much in the last couple patches. Wanted to come back to it, but the game is crashing more than ever before. Not sure if it’s just me, but I have 8 hours of gameplay in the past week and the game has crashed 15+ times. Pretty much unplayable right now. It has never crashed at this high of rate at any point in the 400+ hours I have put into it. Crashes seem very random, different zones, sometimes in a loading screen, sometimes mid fight, sometimes when opening the game, just all over the place, but consistently crashing every 15-45 min of gameplay.

Great game and I look forward to future content. Hopefully the crashes can get fixed or if it’s just me… sucks to be me.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having crashing issues! If you could provide some more information it will be much easier for us to look into this problem. This isn’t a problem everyone is experiencing, so we need to determine what factors are causing this.

Please provide the following:

  • Any files in C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes . If you add them to a .zip they should be small enough to attach to your reply
  • Your system information
  • What skills are you using, and what part of the game have you been playing in? Have you played multiple characters?



First, thanks for the quick response. There is no Eleventh Hour Games folder in the directory. If I have something setup incorrectly that it’s not logging feel free to let me know. When it was crashing, it would go gray and do the “not responding” before forcing to quit or wait for response. Most times I just quit, though I did try waiting for a response a min or so a couple times, but it never recovered. Not sure if that has any relevance in the logs being logged in the folder or not, but figured I would mention how it was crashing since they aren’t there.

My system information is attached. System (26.1 KB)

I was leveling a Sentinel/Forge Guard using warpath, vengeance, lunge, ring of shields. With that being said since getting about half way through the campaign, it has been much better. It crashed maybe 2-3 times over the next ~3 hours since posting this and once I got to the end game Monolith, it has yet to crash in 5+ hours of gameplay. So I am not sure if it was just something in the early zones, or just my computer and the game not getting along for a bit. At the moment it does appear to be working fine though. When I level up another character, I will give feedback if it crashes in the early game again (and pay more attention to exactly what zones it crashes in).

Thanks again!

Just as an update, game was playing well for the past ~3 weeks. Maybe crashing once a day or less. Now tonight it is back to being unplayable, can’t even make it through a single zone. I read another forum saying there is a known issue with nvidia, not sure if that is the issue here. I updated all drivers, windows; etc and it didnt help. Nothing has changed on my computer today compared to the past 3 weeks. So there seems to be an intermittent issue that continues to come up. Once again, there is no Eleventh Hour Games folder in the referenced location, so I don’t know if there is an alternate location for crashes. Hopefully it will work again soon, but for now it is once again unplayable.