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Game breaking half immortality bug + wraith bug

So - found 2 bugs in the game -both with acolyte:

  1. When you are doing monolith runs - if you are specced in blood golem or golem with Hunger - after you finish the Monolith timeline and you get “Open portal” - you can go and die to mobs - after you die the golem hits few times and fills part of your health. Then you can click - open portal and enter it - with that you appear alive - the mobs can’t see you anymore in Monolith - means they dont even appear. But if you enter Arena you are immortal and the only way to get killed is with posion pool, void crystal on the ground or the Ice tornado.

  2. Flame Wraiths and Putrid Wraiths last exactly the same time as normal ones - they don’t decay slower.

  3. Also - in the Necromancer passive tree - there is a double arrow between the nodes “Rite of Undead” and “Blades of the Forlorn”, but with 3 points in the Blades you can’t skill in the Rite - you need 3 points in the Moonlight Pyre… On all other nodes with double ways you can bypass 1 of the ways, except this one.

  4. Not sure if it is a bug, but as I understand it - it is. In the Summon Wraith skill tree there is a skill giving “Global Critical Strike Chance” - it doesn’t apply to “Minion critical strike chance”. Same is with the “Global Increased Damage” node in Transplant - doesn’t increase minions damage.

PS When you have Idols “Chance for Summon Wraith to Summon Putrid/Flame Wraith instead” and you have specced in Wraith skill in “Echoes Inside” - only the last wraith that is revealed has a chance to be Putrid/Flame - all others are appearing as normal Wraiths.

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Also - the wraith decay node doesn’t seem to work with the revealed wraiths from Echoes Inside - with it and without it - you get max number of wraiths to 60…

I can confirm that the “Echoes Inside” node prevents the idol effects that change the summoned wraith type. Only the Flame Wraith/Putrid Wraith nodes within the skill tree still work with “Echoes Inside” skilled.
A fix for that would be great!

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#1: The whole portal after death one’s been around for a while, they’ll fix it eventually. Wasn’t aware it was causing immortality in the arena though. That’s a yikes.

#3: The double arrow is just the graphic for the bracket surrounding the point requirement. If you were talking about a specialization tree then it would be a bug because the specialization nodes don’t have tiers, they just link to whatever they’re linked to going both ways if the points can support them. The Mastery passives go by tiers unlocked by adding points to that mastery. If a node is connected to a lower tier node then it requires that lower tier node in order to be allocated.
For instance, if you dumped 45 points into the bottom of the mastery tree and started trying to put in points at the top. You can’t start at Blades of the Forlorn with 3 points, then put 3 points into Heresy/Rite of Undeath and then move to River of Bones/Moonlight Pyre. The tree is a stack, it goes up.
I do think, for clarity, they should change it to a single arrow with a curved bracket like )) on the other side to indicate one-way travel. Same for nodes in the specialization trees that only go one way. That’ll take time though.

[Spirit Link]: "Wraiths have more critical strike chance, and when you cast Summon Wraith YOU gain more critical strike chance equal to its mana cost for 4 seconds. "
(wraith) [More Critical Strike Chance: +20%]
(you) [Mana Cost -> Global Crit Chance]

Kinda explains it right on the node.
Global increases are increases to melee/throwing/spell/dot for whatever entity it’s on. It specifically states that it increases YOUR crit chance, minions are a separate entity. That’s why stacking increased spell damage doesn’t increase your skeleton mage damage, has to be “minion damage/minion spell damage” affixes.
You mention the [Sadism] node on Transplant as well.
“YOU deal more damage when transplant is on cooldown, but you lose health when transplant explosions hit an enemy.”
[Global Increased Damage: +5% Per Point]
[Current Health Lost: 1% Per Point]
Once again, its functionality is in the description.

Also, buffs to an individual skill/minion from specialization (like the 20% more crit chance for wraiths) will not show in your stats page either, they don’t have specific skill detailed stat tabs yet. Only bonuses that apply to all sources will show.

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#1 - The portal after death (if you have health from blood golem or hunger node) not only causes immortality in the arena, it also causes monolith mobs to not spawn - if you have boss/cleanse you can move straight to it and finish, if you have flame/thunder spire - they don’t spawn as well and you end in empty monolith - relog fixes the issue.

#3 - I know that it is separated in tiers, but double arrow is double arrow… and if you start putting points in the higher lvl tier, that double arrow starts getting dots and looks like you will be able to use it. So it is currently a bug. If it was single arrow it would be better yes.

And well - in most games global means global… and includes any instance… that’s why I said it is confusing. Since they have nodes that increase “damage” - which increases all YOUR damage from any instance excluding minions - when they add “Global” to it - it kinda sounds it is different… That’s why I added it - it is confusing mechanic to have few words for exactly the same thing.

Number 4 is not a bug. Generally, nodes on a skill tree affect only that skill. We use the term “global” to specify that the buff will apply to your stats, rather than just the skill. Minions are never affected by something unless it specifically says minions. We do want to make nodes easy to understand so I’ll keep in mind that it wasn’t clear.

The rest of your points are bugs, so I’ve noted them down internally. In the future, we prefer different threads for different bugs, though grouping closely related bugs (such as the Wraith ones) is ok.

Thanks for the detailed reports!

Thank you a lot for the answer and for the clarify.

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