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Game and PC crashes


I would like to play your game, but it´s literally impossible, because of constant crashes.

It´s ok, If it´s game crash, because you can just reload game and continue where u stopped, but problem is with PC crashes, where my characters are deleted, so all my progress is gone and I have to start over again.

It´s not like one PC crash during a day, it´s 3rd PC crash within 2 hours, so it´s just not possible to play! It´s really frustrating. My highest level was lvl 12 and thats it, not I have to lvl again same over again.

Is it possible to somehow change it please ? I really wanna play it. If you need more info about my problem, please lemme know asap.

Here are my data.
Player.log (10.1 KB) Player-prev.log (29.5 KB)

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