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Gambling needs to move faster

I thought for sure someone would have posted about this already (and if so I apologize but search didn’t yield results from what I could tell).

We really need the ability to buy item from gambling shop much faster. Not sure why there’s a time wall between each transaction but it would be nice if we could buy things in rapid succession. I’d even be ok with the results queuing up one after another but wouldn’t be necessary.



I completely agree. It’s like my wife deciding that everyone’s ready so we can all go somewhere in the car then popping to the loo…


This! I find me clicking rapidly to buy many items faster only to realize the game doesn’t let me.

Also it would be nice to drag and drop items from vendors. We can do this when selling items. But the reverse isn’t working.

The time I spend in town at vendors is the time I often only have my mouse hand available. The keyboard hand is then needed for other important actions like holding a beer, fetching candy or scratching my n… :peanuts: nails. Needing to hold the shift button to buy something is unnecessary.

200% agree.

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