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Gambling in its current itteration doesn't provide a reliable gold sink

The current system requires you to leave and re-enter a map in order to refresh the shop. Refreshing the shop has a CHANCE to provide ONE item that MAY have stats you want. Would be nice that each item in the shop can be bought an unlimited amount of times with different roles each or that each item costs much more but provides a better chance of good stats. The large (even larger with 0.7.5) make gambling in its current state irrelevant.

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I agree. I have 8 million gold save up that i wanted to blow on no limit gambling, but my addiction been cured since everything 1) cost very little gold like 3k max 2) you can only buy the item 1x then gotta wait for refresh. Didnt even spend 50k gold before i was over it :frowning:

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after keep months and months gold in piles and make milions of course u will want to sepnd them fat, but when game come live people wont keep that much gold on them, they will spend them easy becasue Gambling will be ingame at that time.

price wont need to go up, maybe a person should be able to gambling stacks or same item and with increase rarity for ex

u buy 20 rings increase chance +5% , or u buy 30 armors increase chance 10 % etc…

PS : but still is kinda stupid to think wehn game come lives people wont gamble allot form day one… no one will wake up after 1 year with millions to say OMG increase price for gamble item rofl

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Gambling takes forever that was a far bigger bummer. The prices are okay for the future, right now it’s nothing for sure but 3k gold is a big number if you start from 0.

towards end game (which is what gambling is for) you can make 1mill a day easy without “no-lifeing” it

when i said 1) items cost very little gold. I didnt mean to increase the cost just meant that like kadala in D3 you should be able to purchase same item over and over agian and get different rolls. Prices are fine its the quantity and pace at which to purchase that needs boost.


yeah i was responding to macknum i agree with what you said lol

Yea. Gambling should be like loot boxes. Make u spend all your gold without you realizing it.


I agree with Servire, the gambling system just looks like a Shop but with random affixes, it’s a bit underwhelming… Gambling should let you roll infinitely any type of gear until you find something interesting (like the D3 gambling system for example). Right now the gambling system is useless and feels just like a clone of the Shop with randomness. I hope they will change it in next patch !

My thoughts are let the items be purchased infinitely but make the cost far greater as not to cause a shop farm.

If they change it to infinte items the prices need to be much more.

not really the only reason people have so much money right now is because we’ve had months to farm with nothing to spend it on. Sure a slight raise in price would be understandable but you dont want to farm for an hour just to gamble one piece of gear.


That’s right but if the gambler has every item type and you can snipe gamble ( :smiley: ) the uniques you need for example it’s bad. That’s why the prices need to hurt. If it’s all random the prices can stay low because you need to be lucky twice, for the item class and for the roll.

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