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Future Value

hi to all, nice to meet you
i am thinking on getting this game and i was wondering if players that join now will have some advantages to players that join in some years from now,
like poe for exemple, there are lots of super expensive legacy items (unique and rare and enchants etc), currencies, cosmetics and so on
those items add value to your account, and those players that started playing poe right in the beginning got this advantage

so do you all think that we will get this future value as well?


No. AFAIK, the game patches items differently from POE so legacy gears isn’t going to be a thing.

Legacy supporter packs and possibly mtx rewards might be a thing though.

And keep in mind there will be a wipe at release !

Right now you get access to the game, you are able to give input to the developers, and there is cosmetic things like your pet and other goodies. It all depends on if you like the game and want to support it.

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