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Functional: Having issues if you die after kill an Echo run Boss

Having issues if you die after kill an Echo run Boss



After killing the boss of the Echo Run I died so by dying you can still click on the “Open Portal” button and click on the portal that you have opened and teleport your dead body to the “End of Time” safe place also noticed that you get the “Sound Effect” of the progress of “Quest” which it’s not supposed to happen.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Start Client and log in
  2. Choose your character and press play
  3. Target any kind of “Monolithic of Fate” and Choose an Echo
  4. Start an Echo and kill the boss of this run
  5. Explore the map and try to die
  6. Click on “Open Portal”
  7. Click on Portal
  8. Observe


The bug isn’t so serious but it complicates player’s satisfaction.

Expected Results

You shouldn’t be able to Open the Portal and use it while you dead. The sound effect of progressing a quest shouldn’t be heard.


This is a known bug and is most prevalent with minion builds.

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