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Frozen Sorcerer - Glacier Build: Arena 600+ capable (video)

I want to share another build with you - the Frozen Sorcerer.
It’s a variation of other Glacier builds I have seen on the forum, but with a frozen twist on it because invulnerability is awesome!



This is a short gameplay video including a close call and the death on wave 604.

Hello, do you have an update for the 0.7.8 patch please? The passives got a rework and I’m too new to the game to figure out the synergies between them. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

not sure if this is the same person but this is the rank one sorc currently. updated for new patch.

No, their voices are totally different, one’s American the other isn’t…

lol obviously I didnt watch the videos. just sharing what i saw on Reddit. hope it helps anyone that is lost after the patch