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Frozen orb. Cooldown

Faced with a little disappointment. Reducing the cooldown of the Frozen ORB skill does not make sense to learn to the end. When the skill 3/4 is the cooldown of 0.9 sec. When the skill is 4/4 - cooldown 0.8 seconds. It is unclear what to do such a useless skill? You could do either 3/3 or improve the 4th skill degree to have real use

How much CDR do you get from gear in this example? Is it naked without passive points added? I think 0.8 sec CD is pretty generous for a skill with this much devestating potential.

The numbers the OP has given are what you would get from just the skill nodes, it’s also a 75% reduction in cooldown for 4 points so you can cast it 4 times more frequently.

From gear i don’t get any CDR. But I was talking about something else. Why learn the 4th skill? for an improvement of 0.1 second? it’s funny