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"Frostmaws" make arena CRASH

There are some enemies who currently make your game crash in arena.
This issue did not happen on previous patches.

Here are two clips, that showcase how the “Frostmaw” enemies make your came completly collapse and crash:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Any other enemy with a roll, or a jump will make your FPS go from 100 to 10 in a second.

Please take a look at this, it makes the game unplayable at the moment.
The enemies are not even hard, so makes it even more frustrating.

Keep up the good work!


can confirm this is a huge end game issue.

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Thanks for the detailed report! I hadn’t seen any reports of this issue before this (though it’s possible I missed them). We will look into this.

We’ll look into other enemies that have movement abilities, but if you could list any other enemies that cause this issue, please do so. Just the name is fine, a video isn’t strictly necessary.

Thanks for the reply.
The lags that I mentioned seem to happen regardless of the density, a few of this guys make the game go nuts, while the game can handle 100 Wengari Axe Throwers at once. Higher densitys will just cause the game to crash instead of just dropping FPS.

Enemies that significally drop your FPS (mainly in Arena):
- Frostmaws: FPS drop when they dash/leap and huge FPS drops when they hit you. All the other “maws” variants also make your game drops FPS, but not as much. This guys make the game collapse, the only way around it right now is to one shot them with a range build as they spawn.
- Skullen: The regular small ones that do a little roll and then throw big rocks at you. As soon as they spawn, game suffers, if they roll, your game is doomed. The big variant of this enemies, the Pyromancers, dont seem to lag as much, even when they roll and on big numbers.
- Girant Rats: Not a huge issue, but when they jump as a big pack, FPS gets pretty bad.
- Skittering Undergrowth: The jumping plants. Again, these guys are like rats, when they do their jump/leap on big numbers FPS drop hard.

It seems to be related to some specific dashes, as other enemies like Thralls, Imperial Shadows, Fallen Osprix, Ebers and Wengari Berserkers do not cause as much lag when they dash, even on huge numbers.

Non dash related, but another mention to enemies that cause FPS issues are the Ice Elementals, their projectiles make your FPS drop hard, have the nicknamed “fps killers” among the community xd.

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