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Freeze rate feedback after new patch

i was building up freeze mage sorc rely on cold spells with freeze nodes. and before patch it was 1 second me to do freeze all monsters with glacier or frost nova even taking from frieshield they will freeze. but now it seems imposibble freeze them.with patch got new freeze multiplier stats in other stats tab but there is still no info about freeze chance. just wanted to make sure my freeze rate multiplier is %560 now. and i checked my gear all freeze chance stats changet into multiplier but one remains in my saphire amulet just got there afix freeze chance now. should i check reroll all my items to freeze chance or what should i need to do about freeze build now im confused

The change from “increased freeze chance” to “freeze rate multiplier” was simply a renaming of the stat to try to avoid people assuming that it was a flat chance similar to stats like “ignite chance”. There was no change to what the stat actually does, so 560% freeze rate multiplier in 0.7.4 is just as good as 560% increased freeze chance was in 0.7.3.

In addition to this change many sources of freeze rate multiplier have been buffed, so overall freeze chance should be higher than in 0.7.3.

Currently a big issue with freeze is that the chance is based on the enemy’s maximum health and that scales up very sharply later in the game, so even if you’re getting lots of freeze rate multiplier you rarely freeze enemies later on. This is a problem that we’re planning to address with system changes in 0.7.5.

oh so you are saying is the same thing but different in name of hmm. there is still freeze chance affix left on amulet ring and relics tho :smiley: but they add on multiplier okay. i just can say something broken before this patch then because every monster freezing before and now they cannot :D(might be glacier passive was doin freeze fixed now to %50 health trigger. ) glad to hear changes coming up !

there is still freeze chance affix left on amulet ring and relics tho :smiley: but they add on multiplier okay

Yeah we missed the hybrid affix when we were renaming it. That’ll be fixed in the next patch.

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