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Fps drop?

Hey guys. Quick question…is my pc dying or the game needs some optimization? From the beginning of the game until now I had 80 fps…even though they are capped at 60 and as soon as I enter any combat my fps usually drops to 40-30 in some cases even to 10…the game still moves decent though I mean in most games at 10 fps thats a slideshow but not here somehow. I do play a necromancer and I fill my screen with minions and wandering spirits but still dont think that should be an issue. So is anyone encountering fps issues or is just my pc dying. Also I am enjoying the game a lot so far besides this fps issue.

The game does need optimisation, but that doesn’t mean your pc isn’t dieing.

That’s not going to help. Lots of minions & wandering spirits means lots of calculations for your pc to do which is why the fps can fall off a cliff. I had the same problem with a wraith build & having ~30-40 wraiths up at once while spamming Rip Blood on them and the mobs having bone curse on them makes for lots of fps-munching calculations, in addition to the actual graphics (which as you say, probably wouldn’t warrant the reduction in FPS by themselves).

And by calculations I mean, calculating the minions hp, damage stats, whether they’re moving, what they’re attack, what damage they’re doing to their target, any AoE from their attacks, any procs (eg, Mark for Death on hit, poison on hit, ignite on hit, chill/freeze on hit, etc) along with maintaining those procs (damage & duration remaining), etc.

This is normal. Game needs more optimization.

Alright I do not mind that at all I just wanted to make sure because I noticed warzone died for my pc as well now last epoch was running funny and I legit thought the pc is going down. Thank you

Doesn’t mean your pc is not on the way out.

Decreasing the shadow quality had a huge impact on my rig.

But I guess my standards are also relatively low. 40 fps is awesome :sweat_smile:

I have tried the game with graphics on the highest and lowest settings and I have no difference. Ill check again to see if I did changes to the shadows. Thanks for the advice

I think most indie dev game have some trouble with optimization because of their engine.

Still, I have an i3-7k, rx580 & 16gb ram on an wd ssd. Game run good at mid setting. There are frame drops sometime, not quite often. And no freeze at all. Over 99% of my game time is smooth.

Just for your comparison.

If you use Windows 10, try the Windows Gamebar. (Default-Key would be Windows+G normally), there you can monitor your CPU/GPU/RAM and see how much it eats your ressources. Also on personal experience HDD can be a issue as well(mine is dying right now) and/or you might want to consider a SSD upgrade.

/Edit: Not arguing about it need still a bit of optimization right now.

Hey… bit late to chip in here, but you did not give any of your pc specs & graphic setup so its difficult to be sure but I have found that a lot of the settings can make a huge difference to fps. You should definitely be able to see a performance difference between the high and low setting. If they are not making a perceptable difference then there is definitely something very odd happening.

I am running an old i5,1060,16gb setup and am able to have perfectly acceptable frame rates everywhere except when I pull a screen full of mobs at a time and even then its for less than a second or two till everything dies. I dont run necro minions etc, but I have heard that that is tough on systems so it may be that that is the problem but who knows.

Quite honestly, your problem could be anything from a dying pc, game config, bad components, drivers & game version, software updates, other apps running in background, overheating issue, overzealous system config, game optimisation and even a possible bug that happens on the exact skill keypress sequence you use.

Finding problems like what you describe are like looking for a needle in a haystack - especially if there is nothing obvious, like blue smoke coming out the back of your pc.

More info would really be needed to help but to get rid of the necromancer minion issue, you could use another char and see if it also suffers the same fps drops in general play - if it does, then its likely something to do with your setup… if it does not show similar fps problems then its probably your machine struggling with the necro char.