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FPS Drop On my Decent Rig - Minions?

I have 16GB DDR4, a GTX 1070 and run all my games on Ultra.

Running any minion build or on a map with high enemy density I get serious frame rate drop, sometimes into the very low double digits (5 to 20). This is after reducing my Graphics ingame to “Very Low”

Searched the forums for any tech answer to others asking and didn’t see any, so apologies if asked/answered, but is there a plan to fix serious FPS drops prior to 1.0? This game has many pet builds and I’m a huge fan. But I worry about fighting Lagon in the 100 Mono and dropping frames to be smashed by a wave and sent back 8 echoes or something crazy like that.

Thanks so much for a great game!

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I do hope they turn their focus towards optimization a bit more and quite soon. I have the same issue and I will play the game but at some point people will get tired of these things. I dont want this great game to turn into PoE where not even NASA can run it without having 100 fps drops. I dont want to hear things like “SSD required” or stuff. I have faith in these guys and hope to see improvements on this subject.

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I also have the game running off my SSD, I forgot to mention that part as well.

Doing some testing yesterday I noticed that if I limited the ground effects to the minimum setting I picked up 5-6 frames.

But I still have about 90 FPS in town (With all minions out), dropping to 5-10 frames during a single boss fight such as Phase 1 Lagon.

Minions are a big resource hog, though not just graphically, you may find that the FPS drops when there are a lot of AoEs and required calculations (like ignites/poisons, pathfinding/AI). Optimisation would certainly help, but shifting to multiplayer might as well, since the servers would, hopefully, do a better job of running all of the calculations than our pc’s cpus.


It’s shades of D3 multiplayer with area damage calcs all but freezing computers.

Major concern is that if it’s poor in single player, 5 man might require a super computer to run effectively.