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FPS drop and high temperature

I have set every video settings to very low but I still suffer from FPS drop. When my character standstill, my fps is around 80-90 but when I am facing boss or killing a large pack of mob (using elemental nova), my fps drops to 30-40 or even freezes. I am not sure if this is my hardware problem

DxDiag.txt (93.2 KB) le_graphicsmanager.ini (505 Bytes) I can play other arpg smoothly (poe).

My graphic card is GTX 1060 maxq, cpu is i-7 8750h and with 16gb RAM. I am playing on laptop with a cooling pad

Thank you for spending time on this article!!

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I have the same problem, i even went to my local manufacturer support center to clean and replace thermal paste, other games run flawlessly except Last Epoch, too bad i cant get a refund anymore :frowning:

Same here.
Playing on recommended PC requirements and I get 5 FPS on my Necro summoner (running about 50-70 minions at time)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (502 Bytes)
DXDIAG no problems found, other AAA games run smoothly on my system.
My CPU load is 40% and GPU 70% and I still have stutter and FPS drops even frezzes on Monolith mapping.
Boss fight is impossible on lvl 100 Monolith, especially Lagon.
Win 10 PRO 64bit, GF 1060, 16 GB RAM, i5 6600K. Everything up to date, drivers etc.

Is that actually a thing???

If you bought it direct from EHG you can email support ( about a refund), if you got it from Steam you’re probably stuffed.

Maybe you didnt understand probably because of my poor english so i will try better :slight_smile:
I went to my local Asus support center and they cleaned my laptop of dust and replaced the thermal paste on both CPU and GPU

Yeah, I understood fine, I just didn’t realise that a)there were support centres & b)you could actually physically go to them.

Well its not really the manufacturer support center but some other IT support company probably under contract where they send you for warranty, maintenance and stuff like that