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Forum suggestion - latest messages


Hi! I’ve been checking this project every now and then since February when I first discovered news about Last Epoch from I’m not a frequent user on this forum, and I find it hard to follow what topics are being discussed because your forum frontpage does not indicate it in any way.

In my opinion you should have “Latest posts” -tracker on your forum frontpage, and it could show ~10 latest posts or maybe latest topics. Right now this forum seems empty since nothing indicates activity unless I click open all the sub-forums and check manually.

I’d love this feature. Makes it easier to hop in in a conversation. Especially now as you’re in kickstarter and it hopefully brings more people and new life into forum.




I’m an idiot. Using this forum with a phone and Opera browser. If I tilt my phone horizontally, I see latest messages on the right column on the front page. In vertical position these cannot be seen and there is no side scrolling option either. Should have checked.