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Forge Guard A.K.A. Mr. Teleport

Can you not get disoriented playing this for more than 1 hours? Try, Find out, and tell me! Take the forge guard all over the map with Mr. Cant Stand Still.

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@marc7694 Tried the bee, just no damage :frowning:

I have actually played around it with cyclone, seems like you can get high enough damage, while still using bee. My only problem is, that the lagg spike on cyclone is insane, when you are using all these proccing spells. Throwing axe, smite, future strike, abyssal echoe, Temperoal cascade, and so on :smiley: - so i am trying to make a pure hit damage cyclone now. even though it seems pretty weak (ofc without humming bee haha :D)

yeah i tried it with all that and put charges on devouring orb so when i stopped warpath for 1 sec i could summon 5 orbs at once then spin again, but just wasnt worth it, then tried rive and well its 10x better…

Yea it looks pretty smooth ^^

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