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'Focus' nerf (mage) Why?

There are very few ways to manage mana for sorc, and for ranged sorc focus is mandatory.
What was the reason to nerf it without giving us any new options?
Iam playing channeling lightning blast/nova build.
And its completely unplayable with new focus.

Maybe you should check what the new Focus nodes do.

I see there are some damage nodes there.
But they greatly reduced the main power of skill- mana regen (and also damage goes to mana things.)

I was thinking Revelation, Mana Flooded & Desperate Meditation. I’d think Desperate Meditation should still give you quite a bit of regen for a Sorc with lots of mana (& therefore missing mana).

I have to agree with the original poster. It is still serviceable for moderate mana expense builds, but it no longer effectively supports 400+ mana builds. The downtime to regain mana is too punitive.

This seems like a misinterpretation of the problem with Focus by the designers. It was likely too ubiquitous, but it should have been changed to primarily service giant-mana-dump builds rather than exclude them.

The focus nerf was justified it was too strong. 200 mana per second was too strong. as for 400+ mana builds its still fine. You just have to play differently but there is risk vs reward

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I think it’s to punishing now if you build mainly for mana regen. You can miss 2 timings in 1 charge and you are basically left with nothing and a cd.

It requires higher skill to play now but I find the old one way more satisfying for flashy gameplay.

i think we play different game.
It was never 200 mana per second, more like around 50 mana per second

It most certainly was 198 mana regen per second if you built it the way I did. edit was wrong it was 213.

If you spec’d it for maximum mana regen (without taking the cooldown node), you could regen your complete (300+) mana in a few seconds. I know FoE has a tendancy to push builds as far as they can go, but even without doing that it could regen very quickly.

Desperate Meditation used to give up to 4% regen per 1 missing mana, if you were missing 300 mana, that’s 1,200% (of your base 10) mana regen, that would then be doubled by Mana Flooded. From memory the base regen was 300%(?) for a total of 1,500% of your base 10 = 160 regen per second from 8 points. That would regen your 300 mana in under 2 seconds (1.875s).

If you had 400 mana, it would give you 200 regen/sec fully regening your mana in 2s (400 missing mana x 4% = 1,600% + 300% from the base skill -> 1,900% increased regen = 10 x 20 = 200/sec).

Edit: IMO, taking those two nodes were a bit of a no-brainer, since you’d want to regen as fast a you can so you can get back to killing things & not watching your blue bulb fill up…

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It’s possible to nerf the 200+ mps build of a tester without dismantling the skill for lesser players. That is the ask here.

I don’t think this has anything to do with Foes build as a Tester. I heard rumours that also non testers can easily spec into the nodes @Llama8 mentioned. :laughing:

Personally I can’t judge the changes in comparison to the old focus because I had not played a sorcerer recently before the changes. I just remembered that focus felt kinda clunky.

But I leveled a fire sorc with the new patch and specced into the nodes that increase mana gain for that 1 second channel time kick. Also took some mana gain nodes on the right side after maxing the other nodes.

I’m playing with volcanic orb and fireball. It doesn’t feel bad in any kind to me. In most cases I don’t have any additional time to focus longer that that 1 second before I have to move again.

It’s a very mobile playstyle even with that one channeling ability.

So for a 400 mana bomber the changes may seem a bit harsh. You guys got used to it and it feels bad now. Would be nice to hear opinions from a new player perspective that isn’t biased by the behaviour of a previous build.

There was also a lot of feedback that focus was that one clunky but mandatory skill that every mage had to use. These changes may be the first step to correct this. Nerfing focus makes using it less rewarding. So you have to look for additional sources of mana control (mana efficiency and mana reg for example).

Maybe there need to be additional mechanics for sorcerers to gain mana back within skills and passives. The Spellblade got a mana on hit passive with the recent updated passive tree.

There’s also discussions about mana in general.

To be fair, I’ve just tried the new Focus & it doesn’t feel particularly great compared to how it used to.

I did not question how people feel about it.

We talked about focus being too good to be skipped in any build, while it feels clunky to stop by and channel to get back in action.

That’s the reason why I picked the 1 second boost nodes. This way it feels ok for me. On my build.

On 400 mana I cam imagine it doesn’t feel good because it did not feel super great before and got even nerfed now.

I asume that there will be additional sources of mana. It’s comparable to ward. With the 0.7.9 ward nerf ward builds were not that viable anymore. Now they added skillnodes to the Spellblade so he can make very good use of ward. The general ward mechanic stayed the same.

I think and hope there’s more to come for high mana sorc builds despite that one focus skill that is the only (good) source of mana.