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Floating Cursor

it is 11:46 EST on Jan 17 2020. I marked the date and time because this problem just started today. This is when I noticed it. When I logged into the game the cursor floats. It is hard to click on anything as it floats. I did manage to actually get in as one of my characters, but in game the cursor still floats. I have a Windows 10 PC, and go in through Steam. Any idea of what might be causing it. I have 30 plus hours in and this is the first time it has happened.

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What do you mean by “floats”? Is the cursor moving across the screen by itself?

What mouse are you using?

Have you updated your mouse software recently or changed any macros/settings for your mouse?

Have you restarted your PC since it started happening?

This sounds like it might be caused by a controller or joystick being plugged into your computer-- I have heard similar reports in the past. Try unplugging any you have connected.

If this turns out to be the issue, I’ll see if we can look at that system again to avoid this kind of problem.

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Have something similar as well. Cursor is not floating but it’s not accepting left clicks almost at all.
As a workaround i’ve found that holding RMB allows LMB clicks to go through, where i can go to settings and disable my G27 racing wheel (only controller connected), at which point everything starts working as it should.

Encountered something similar in Risk of Rain 2, (cursor was lagging or floating) and forcing “steam input” off have solved it. Not in this case thou.

Im on Win7 for the record, and the only peripheral related processes running are logitech gaming software 8.58 (for mouse) and 2010 version of logitech profiler (for wheel, this old version is very lightweight and better than modern drivers).

Liking the game thou, the vibe is just right :slight_smile: Hope you guys manage to nail that bug.

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