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Flashing/Flickering while playing sorceror/shaman

Playing sorcerer/shaman I get flickering flashing of my screen. kind of hard to describe. Happens every time i play lightning blast sorcerer. hasn’t happened on shaman with my limited play time this patch.

Link to player log:

I’m going to piggy back off yours as I’m having the same issue with Witch / Necro using Haunt.

System / Game configurations

Screen flickering video:

This is not the flickering I have. I will see if I can get a video as i was streaming with it happening
Video link, hapens at like 9 seconds:
Flciker LE (1.5 MB)

I was getting a similar graphical tear yesterday on a sentinel in early zones (~armoury thru lower district). Nvidia GeForce with game force drivers if it matters. (45.7 KB)

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