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First impression (only 3 hours in)

Hi, I’ll try to give some first impressions from the perspective of an ARPG fan (as most here) after only playing 2-3 hours of the game.
In my experience, this short period in games is enough for many players to decide whether to keep investing time because you are curious about the game or simply leave and try something else., so its important to get the interest as fast as possible.

What was good:

  • The skill system seems interestesting, gaining levels and skills feel like your character progress fast as the beginning, and you have lots of choices.
  • Playability was smooth, game responds well , was stable , reasonable difficulty for the start
    -GAme felt interesting enough to keep playing

Things that can be improved

  • Tooltips to help you understand the impact of the skill/gear decissions, there are lots of % , but for a complete newbie is quite unclear the effects of the things you are choosing to use.
  • Crafting needs to be better explained , you get lots of orange thingies and not much clue about affixes/prefixes/tiers , etc
  • The quest system can guide you better
    -Story is not great (never the focal point in many ARPG’s, but this one is pretty bland)

Hope this helps, and keep up the good work , the game obviously is in beta, but it feels quite polished for being several months away from launch.

Hello there !

About the things that need to be improved :
1 ) They are working on it. You will have a better description, better outputs of your skill’s “numbers”.
2) You have a crafting info button (top left of the crafting menu). I don’t know if you see it so i mention it.
3) Story is about preferences but if you have particular points, feel free to share them (i think you have topics about that).

Have fun Epocher :wink:

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Thank you ! HAve not seen the info button

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Ideally the game should point it out to you, or even make you engage with the crafting system to do the story in some way to teach players what to do.

I remember they had the “go to the forge quest” but It didnt cover it enough and i remember just doing it and going “ok next thing”. I started the game recently as well


After my first 3 hours i found the game pretty good and knowing i will keep improving over the next few months just make it better !

Whoo… that’s a new info for me, too. Can’t remember if I ever pushed that button when I was new.

@Zylok: Just in case you haven’t noticed: There is a button to stash all crafting material in your inventory instantly. You wouldn’t be the first that didn’t notice and sorts his crafting mats in your item stash. :wink:

Yeah ! totally forgot to mention the stash button, thanks !
I admit that’s the type of elements that the forge “quest” should mention.

That being said, nowadays, a lot of people learn the game before buying it, playing it, trying to make a build (site, youtube channel etc…). It’s like a new bias of the tutorials function.
I’m not affirming that it shouldn’t be as clear as possible but it’s a sort of cultural (videogame) change that can distort our perception.

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