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Fireball extra projectiles

Since the 7.3 patch it looks like fireball will not fire extra projectiles when you have that node active.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue, I get extra projectiles when I take the node. Could you upload a picture of your skill tree and items to a site like, and upload your log file?


Hope this helps.

output_log.txt (60.2 KB)

That seems to be working correctly. When you have the Embers node enabled the fireballs are cast right after one another, so if you have additional projectiles they can blend together. It’s hard for me to see from a still image, but you should be able to see parts of the fire stream which are brighter than others.

Here’s a clip, let me know if you saw anything different (particularly before taking Embers).

Ahhhh. I see it now. lol. I’m used to seeing them spread out. Thanks for showing me how it works

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