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Fire Shield - The circle is too bright

The Fire Shield circle is simply too massive and dominating on the screen -


I would suggest removing the solid circle and just keep the flames, and even those I would tone down a bit.

The animation for meteor is also problematic as it hides the screen, and in some areas you can’t see anything untill the meteor(s) have exploded.

I second this part…

…, but I personally like the circle, it’s swirling flames that gives my eyes trouble.
(Especially on snow/ice arena, but that’s more likely a problem with the map. I remember spectral Golems being too bright on ice arena as well.)

I think some customization options would be perfect. Or at least a few free/cheap skins for different tastes/sensitive eyes.

I think obscuring the whole affected area, especially with swirling images, is a bad idea.
In most games I played, they stick to defining the outline, and it works.
This looks great for example
I also like gas burner/stove look, with blue flames

Meteor is kinda op, you get what you deserved. Side effects as a tradeoff for power. Compare it to a real world nuclear strike, that fries optics and interferes with radio communication.

Yea it might be the flame part that makes it too much. The flame circle you posted looks much better.

And meteor just does not look visually pleasing at the moment. It is ok if it blinds me, as long as it looks good doing it:D

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