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Fire shield dont work?

hi, I have a question, I saw the build fire shield around on youtube and I just tried to do it … well … they nerfed it? or is there any bug and it doesn’t work for me? because I have all the necessary amulet, torso and shield, but nothing fire shield doesn’t work, someone can explain me thanks =)

The fireball retaliation used to proc every X damage received, they changed it into “X% chance to retaliate after being hit”. So you can’t really do the fireball machinegun like before. (I am also sad they changed it, it was a fun build ^^)


Same here… I missed the patch notes on that one heh, but it makes sense. The fire shield autobomber was more powerful than black hole meteor, which was probably the best build in the game at the time

thanks for the answers guys, right now patch 0.7.3c for the magician who build you recommend me? I state that I have practically all the legendary a part 4, my main class is the sentinel, but in fact I wanted to do some builds even for the magician, but there is not a single spell that I like to use, the only one if it really would be meteor , but it really consumes too much mana, and I can’t use it well = (if you have any builds to recommend that I can reach high levels anyway, I’m ready to try it =) thanks a lot

I am not really a fan of the sorcerer, but I sometimes play my Fire/Ignite sorcerer with fire ball for single target and fire nova for AoE, it’s pretty fun and a good monolith farming build.

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Have you tried Spellblade?

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