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Feeling of combat - Burst vs DPS

Hey there!
This is a very subjective view on some skills I am not super confident with.

This is not about balancing skills in terms of general damage output. This may also be an issue, but I am talking about something different.

I have the feeling that some skills could use a significant damage increase going with adding higher mana cost or a CD timer. DPS could stay the same. Just decrease the rate of fire in favour of higher damage on impact.

The skill that could use this the most is forge strike imho. You can recast it 4-5 times before getting oom and it is doing ok damage. But it does not fit into the skill rotation. The DPS is similar or even worse than with my rive skilling. So why should I use it? I can cast till oom, spam rive than cast forge strike again. But it is not really necessary to rotate. The feeling is I could use the one or the other with the only downside that FS uses mana. So I would like to have skill nodes that increase damage (3-5x perhaps) while adding a 5 second cool down for example. So I would smash it out and spam rive while FS is on cd.

I have a similar feeling with fireball. I’d like to have the choice to skill fireball for increased damage and aoe -> bigger ball with increased mana cost, slower cast speed, but with an explosion on hit that deals massive aoe. There is a node for elemental/fire nova that increases damage and aoe while adding a cd. This is a great node and fits my style exactly.

Or perhaps the ability to charge and increase damage and aoe radius with charge duration.

The overall feeling of combat is that we only have SMGs available while there could be some shotguns and sniper rifles.

What do others think?

I agree, the damage per mana of some skills (Disintegrate) when also taking into account the AoE they have (or don’t) is definitely in need of a good hard review. With a cricket bat.

agreed, mana cost on such skills as forge strike, judgment and erasing strike should be just removed, or made almost 0 with investing 4-5 points into its tree, instead of those mana efficiency nodes which are a joke. You can only spam it with time reversal which is very clunky i played a shitton of time with it and its impossible…1 mistake and you start running out of mana aka reversing time into a moment when you had no mana. If they want to make us play 2 dps skills they need to make those high mana cost skills really powerful, right now they are just not worth. Im talking only about sentinel, idk about other classes, they do fine in mana department imo.

This happens to me, too. I don’t use this skill anymore. It’s more like gambling sometimes.

I’d like to see a damage increase or increased cc effects to make those skills meaningfull.

There has to be a significant difference regarding the impact of a skill between 0 or low mana skills and those that have high mana cost. It is ok that there are skills that suck my mana away. But I expect them to nuke my enemies in reward.

Increasing cc would also help a lot. Mage’s Snap Freeze is a good example. The freeze duration is very nice. Why not give the amboss of Forge Strike a similar stun duration while adding a cool down. This would increase the utility of this skill very much.

I wouldnt say its too unreliable, i can sustain 80% of the time, but sometimes i have to run around regening mana and also there is a possibility of dangerous situation, so its not suitable playstyle for high end content. My proposal for that issue is making a node that replenish your mana to the maximum value in between time travel interval

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