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Ive played LE for 180 hours now and want to give feedback. I last played in November but played over the last 2 weekends prior to the Idol patch and only played for 3 hours after that patch, I dont want to mention end game balance ie monsters and endgame systems as the game isnt finished more fundamental things

I have about 10 characters of virtually every class and tried almost every skill. The skills I havent tried mainly belong to the Mage as I play on a controller and projectile/targetted spells are not playable currently for me unless they ‘auto target’ such as Smite…

Some ive tried with levels approx 65-76 - Aura of Decay Lich (first) Poison Beastmaster, Holy Fire Paladin (nerfed to the utter ground since some patch) Voidknight Caster, Werebear Druid, Shaman Caster (Maelstrom/Avalanche/Twister), Necro Summoner and low level 40ish Forge Guard, Spellblade and another Lich caster and ive dabbled with many skills such as Totems, almost every Melee skill

The skill specialization - I love it and hate it, some skills are done rather well such as Elemental Nova and some feel very restrictive if you go on a certain path ie Maelstrom if you want Frenzy and Haste you must spend 4? points in the damage%/mana cost node forcing you then to grab all the mana efficieny nodes and by this time you have little left for anything. Elemental Nova is good because it interacts with another skill (Teleport) allows a new Channeling/Cooldown mechanic

Another example is the Void Knight spell/Holy AuraPaladin skill, Devouring Orb with Extinction/Abyssal Emission and Holy Fire - my whole Voidknight/Paladin builds are based off this and its a skill choice specialization which could easily be missed not only that to enable it I have to spend all them skill points, why not just make that the main skill? Ive never even used the standard versions of the skill. Some skills are just extremely lacklustre no matter what ie Vengeance/Rebuke and some are just great like Avalanche

Yet another example for Tempest Strike - its a fun skill but choked by feeling the need to invest 70% of your points into proc chance. I know its a similair skill to Wild Strike but it needs to proc every hit, even investing everything its a 65% chance from memory. This skill would really benefit from a conversion node from Melee>Spell Damage scaling

Specializations need to be improved massively, less levels to invest better pathing and more effects, theres times on characters I have nothing of value in my 5th pick and some even 4/5th dont matter at all, Werebear is especially bad due to transforming

Lastly on skills, theres been plenty of nerfs since I played or in general. Bleeding Heart interaction with Fire Shield, Holy Fire now takes 8 hits instead of 6 and theres a few im forgetting but…why? I can understand the Ward nerfs but with the other mentioned you are just removing whole builds from the game. My Paladin is so bad now I have no idea what to do with them as I was 100% invested into proccing fast hits to proc Holy Fire, I was using Warpath with a Wand doing about 5 damage on Warpath and about 8-9k crits on Holy Fire.I had 100% sustain of Warpath and sucked mobs in. I respec’d and now doing 1/4 of the damage and cant even sustain Warpath - I went from being able to do Wave 200 comfortably in the Arena to not being able to kill a strong mob in a 46 zone at level 76 properly

Mana regen is in an awful position, im not sure what happened as I dont keep up to date with patches but it was pretty bad last I played, now its shocking and theres virtually nothing you can do now. Mana regen from leveling is non existant. Very limited support allround -Mana cost only appears on Wands/Staves. Some mana costs are outrageous and some cost 0, I dont mind mana issues while leveling but at a certain point I believe you should be able to use a skill pretty liberally, please allow more mana affixes available to craft if you arent going to change the base mana regen. Currently feels like a problem that cannot be solved other than having a zero cost skill to use

Glancing Blow - I predict is this will be removed from the game at some point. Honestly if you are may as well do it asap, you cannot balance a game around ‘you should have 50% reduction’ and its very easy to get, since the last update my characters went from 99-102% to 130% due to the double affix now giving a load, you can balance a game like this around ‘having capped resists’ but not an additional layer of reduction, I dont get it. Maybe add a resist cap instead of just diminishing returns forever

Passive tree is very lacklustre and uninspiring to say the least which is one of the reasons I havent level’d anything above 76, its especially bad when most classes final passives you dont even pickup, more impactful proc chances. Beastmaster update is a good example

Crit chance and how its calculated in this game is exactly like PoE and I really hate this formula with base crit, thats a personal gripe though

Crafting I have done a lot of so far, im always chasing bases to craft, I like this system but I dont use anything but Runes of Shattering and Glyph of the Guardian. Ive used a couple runes of removal but anything that adds instability I stay away from since I craft til I minor Fracture usually and thats just Glyphs over and over. I buy runes of Shattering from the vendor and search for affixes and smash them for shards. When it comes to Shattering items now because the UI has changed its kind of annoying now heh. I gave feedback months ago adding unique boss shards would be good for crafting and character progression, farming

All Melee attacks need auto targetting like Vengeance - infact if most skills worked this way controller support would be improved dramatically

Pets are pretty decent, their AI is good except for getting caught on stragglers, Need ‘leash’ mechanics. Pets get wrecked in the arena there isnt many ways to buff their defence apart from investing a tonne into skills

Stash space will/is becoming an issue, not looking forward to having to use 3rd party programs like in Grim Dawn to store items or using 20 mules

Game Performance since I last played has improved quite a lot but it actually takes 3 minutes to load this game for me when not on an SSD, the initial load is huge and this game is 46gb? PoE is 22GB and is packed with 7 years of assets, not sure whats going on there

I cant give much feedback on Idols as ive found maybe 12, but they were pretty generic except one which had a 17% chance every 5s to cast Maelstrom but wouldnt proc after 2 mins so I banked it

Cannot think of anything more at this point, if you made is this far thanks for reading

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