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Feedback from new player

Havent played long so some things have probably been mentioned before but search is not the easiest.

Anyway, initial things I have noted:

  1. The stash and shop merchant are featured too close together in maps such as arena.
  2. The stash seems to auto-open when you are near it (probably because of the mouse to move on the pc, not sure if the game is controller friendly but I only use pc)
  3. The damage (which I think is nectrotic) from the avarian “somethings” forgive me but I cant recall the name/skill but it seems to do alot of damage even with min 50% resists on all categories.
  4. Selling to the shop sometimes actually misses (in that if you dont click relatively slowly it msises)
  5. Sometimes activating a right mouse button main skill just makes a character “dawdle around” trying to walk to a target when in a large mob of enemies. Its hard to explain but after using a dash attack and clicking right mouse for main attack instead of attacking the char seems to just try walking
  6. Sometimes a mouse button click doesnt seem to register and you have to press it several times
  7. Ladder entries do not seem to update. I am sure once of my characters should be on there given the current standings (but then again if the standings are out-dated maybe not)

Inital thoughts, but really enjoying the game at the moment :slight_smile: xx

The Ladder is based on Arena lvl not Characterlevel! Should update quit fast!

Hi, I seem to have surpassed the ones showing on my game, is it possible I have old corrupt ladder?

If you created a character prior to 0.7.4 then the ladder will not update for you. You will need to recreate and relevel in order for the ladder to register your arena wave / char level

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