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Feedback Corner: Potions, Consistency, and Ward

I kinda like this idea actually. But I think it would be a lot of extra work atm, since a lot of belt affixes would have to be reworked. Maybe in the future though.

The only thing I don’t understand with potions is the inability to use them proactive. I played a build that ran on dodge and increased chance to dodge after potion use. It granted hilarious dodge numbers but the first few seconds of a fight were crucial, because I wasn’t able to push my dodgechance with a potion when I wanted to and I needed to wait untill something realy hit me or an enemy dropped a potion.

I think that potions feel off not because they are inconsistent, but because there are consistent sources of health regen that can “max” out their relative usefulness with quite a bit of ease.

I think this will go a long way to making them feel more fun. I’m interested to see how this will work mechanically.

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I don’t think it will be impressive at all. Every ward user I played so far was mostly capped on ward and even with a looot of ward retention overcapped ward is mostly gone in an blink of an eye. I don’t see how pots that add ward will be helpfull at all but I’m 100% sure someone will come up with an idea how to breake the game with those :D.


For what we can see, the system that the devs are pushing feel quite fine by me.
My char usually don’t use potion at all, or just in rare case, where 1 potion is enought.

The affix to change health to ward is good for caster, the potion become preventive, and can add buff if you take passive or skill tree thjat are coming.

For me invest in affix/passive for potion give you a choise:

  • use potion as defense in rare case (normal case for all ARPG)
  • use potion no more for healt but for buff: that allow you to get a new skill (buff) but you lose potion

That feel a good choose, if you invest more it could become the both: health + skill.
Some way is to make potion heal other players too (make a healt skill for summoner or multipayer)

This comment makes me hope there will be future Runemaster skills that can utilize potion charges. Healing Runes, etc.

imo when im fightning a ‘boss’ its not just …i dont got this feeling that it is a boss… there’s no action or what so ever its a bored fight just like all the other mobs… i want BIG packs,faster gameplay,the game it self its well tought but it is so kinda relaxing gameplay i miss some action u know?

I agree with much of what has been posted above. I understand the need to try and be different but in the case of potions I think maybe you are trying too hard for the sake of trying. My advice would be to focus on other things where you really are different, like the skill talent trees, and work on that.

  1. Remove all potion affixes. They just cant compete with the other affixes. Temp buffs rarely outshine permanent increases in offense/defense.
  2. Have potions heal a % of health not a set number. If you must have them heal a set number then go the traditional route of lesser, greater etc potions.
  3. Have a potion cooldown of 10-20 seconds. That’s really where the nervous feeling comes into play, when you know you have already hit your potion. You know its on cooldown and those DOTs are ticking your health down and you might die.
  4. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  5. “Keep it simple, stupid.” - Michael Scott

I’ve found that potions are fairly simple to get even without additional potion find %, so it’s nice that you can get through rough patches when you don’t have optimized gear by getting potions. I am in general agreeance with several suggestions such as increasing the potion duration length and the potion converts into ward ideas.

One particular solution I had in mind is that there are multiple passives / skill node directions that provide additional benefits with potion usage - Beastmaster particularly benefits from the passive that allows you to heal pets with potions as well. If you don’t want to have to mix up the potion affixes, one possible solution is to give extra potion duration to passives that have other benefits on potion use.

I know there are several Uniques that give high bonuses depending on a particular stat - there’s one Unique I remember that gives a bonus depending on how high your Armor is. If you combine a passive that gives “% Armor on potion use” with “extends potion duration by 1 second per point,” you can get some real synergies going to the point where that particular build can make good use of affixes dependent on potion use. That way those who want to use potions can build around them, while those who aren’t reliant on them won’t have to worry about being cluttered with useless affixes.