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Feedback and suggestion to the developers

Hi Eleventh hour games,

I would like to start my feedback with how much I have enjoyed the game so far. This is one of the best ARPG I have played in the last years, I feel like I am playing the game that Diablo 3 was supposed to be (this should be a compliment, not a comparison between LE and D3 :slight_smile: ). What caught my eyes on LE was the Druid’s forms, this is the thing I craved most in ARPG - the ability to change forms due to the fact that the Druid in D2 was always my favourite archetype of character/class/hero.

The talent skill system and the passive tree are also amazing, I can see that here and there they lack balance and need further improvement, but this will come in time, so I am perfectly fine with some nodes not performing that good.

Now to the things that caught my attention and in my personal humble opinion need further considering/improving:

  • Monsters feel a bit weak, and if you don’t receive some unexpected one shot, you cannot die. At the moment I am even playing Solo Masochist Hardcore, and the only reason I am dying is exactly the above noted. There are big packs that I am taking without any issues and then suddenly some projectile from out of nowhere is one shotting me. For example in Grim dawn (game I really love and hold dear), even with good gear you feel like you are fighting even the common enemies and that they could easily kill you if you are not paying attention.
  • The rare/elite packs needs something distinctive, for example - different colour, star on top, different coloured health etc. Quite often I am confused I am fighting elite monster or regular anabolic/roided monster.
  • The zones are really beautiful and I really love the environment although they feel a bit empty. I would love to see more side quests and stories in order to feel the world meaningful and populated. I would have to give my love - GD as example again - the notes which you are finding throughout the world are really well written and interesting, you feel engaged with the world and part of a story. Also, the quests that provides you with choice that will last with you until the end of your playthrough would also be a nice addition to the game.
  • While I enormously enjoy the world and the environment of the game, the characters models need some further improving, the way they run and the way their legs and shoulders are moving feels a bit unnatural and strange. For example the Primalist torso looks really good, however his legs size seems a bit off in regards to his big torso, also his knees are always bend and the quads and calves looks too small for such a big lad. A gender choice would be appreciated as well, although not really mandatory.

Please, don’t eat me alive, I really enjoy the game and appreciated what the team has done so far. I have even bought a new GPU and upgraded my PC in order to play the game, something I would’ve never though I’ll for a game. My ultimate goal is to see the birth of next big hack’n’slash action RPG. :slight_smile:


Agree with you. And I see alot of potential in this game too. Wish I could like your post :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback!

To quickly comment on the points you’ve raised;

Balance is definitely a work in progress.

While it is very important that we nail the endgame, the core game is a foundation which endgame content has to fit well. We have thus been developing the game from beginning to end. Aside from a prologue Chapter added relatively recently, the low level zones are the oldest. The endgame content currently available is a very early iteration which will definitely change a lot prior to release. In particular, most boss encounters are placeholders.

When you talk about difficulty, do you mean globally? Is this specific to the Arena and / or the Monolith of Fate? A more precise view of your concern would help us address it.

I have created a sticky thread in this forum section about this. If you can bring any specific examples of this to our attention, please do so there. We recognize that just dying abruptly due to an on offscreen enemy is neither fun, nor a legitimate challenge.

Agreed! Will discuss this with the team.

I assume it’s polish we just haven’t gotten around to yet.

We will be continuing to further polish and flesh out existing zones throughout development. One stage of development will concentrate on getting Chapters sufficiently well-developed to release to the community, but a later stage will involve improving what’s there already. As with a lot of feedback, any specifics you can offer would be very helpful.

We do include animation improvements in most content patches.

Thanks for the specifics! I’ll pass this on to Derek from our art team.

The additional character models, animations, rigging, and other work this would entail mean that we would not be able to get this done prior to release. When the game’s official launch is out of the way and we’re working on Cycles and other post-release support, we’ll review this feedback and see whether it makes sense to include in an expansion. It may even be tied to our story in some way, to represent new Travelers amassing to face new enemies.


Good news! :wink:


More letters/notes like the ones about belcor in the mushroom farm. There used to be a lot more in Pre-Alpha :love_letter:.

I thought that’d be a neat design perk for the supporter packs: design a custom note/letter that can be found by the players. There’s tons of space for this stuff in the library :books:

Speaking of things in the Pre-Alpha, there also used to be that Lever , some more interactable objects like that might be nice. Considering we have breaking doors, it would be neat if could smash a giant boulder to open up a new tunnel.

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Thank you for reply on the matter Sarno, it is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think the campaign itself should feel a bit more dangerous and challenging. I have leveled 2 Primalists up to mid 70s and with both of them I had walk in the park while encountering the content. I think with my first Primalist I was even deathless until I started doing monoliths. For example may be if you enable ‘Zone scaling’ throughout the whole world this could increase the difficulty by a bit?

The Monoliths and Arenas are fine in my opinion, they are fun, just a bit repetitive for my taste, so I have focused on completing the game on Hardcore Masochist, which I am heavily enjoying. I am pretty sure that when the other two Eras came out more Monolith layouts with new challenges will come with them. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this, it is greatly appreciated. I will make sure to leave a reply there when I gather the necessary information.

I will try to use my imagination as much as possible here. :slight_smile:

  • Some additional rare spawns, bosses, time events not directly linked to the main campaign;
  • May be additional human encampments with their own small stories, and potentially more side quests;
  • Human rogues/assassins that mean harm - human nature is not good, even at the brink of extinction;
  • Secret areas with treasures throughout the zones, this will encourage exploration, at least for the first play through;
  • May be some portal, or shards that could lead through some challenge, or special encounters;
  • Factions, and factions rewards linked to the respective era could be nice addition as well, what I have noticed by doing Monoliths is that they are Era specific, which may allow some reputation farm;
  • Item enchants;
  • Zone scaling could be a nice audition to the campaign as well;

I really hope that Derek wouldn’t be too angry with me, as I have only a vague idea how hard it is to create a character model and I deeply respect everyone’s work in EHG. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the continues amazing work you guys are putting into Last Epoch and for listening to the community!


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