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Feedback after an hour of gameplay

Hello, I played the game for one hour, I played Sentinel.

I’m obviously nitpicking, but this is still in beta and hopefully every little feedbakc may help the devs.

Here are my first impressions:

  1. The game is on the super easy side. I know I am still very early into the game but isn’t it better that during the initial part of any game, you can already feel the gameplay i.e. Dark Souls. In Dark Souls, immediately know that you’ll be in a lot of dying.

  2. Speech bubbles on NPCs dont disappear or change color after talking, it makes you think that you missed something

  3. Equipment models not showing in game when equipped. I had a shield that looked like a plank of wood in the inventory but looked like a heater shield when equipped by the character

  4. Enemies proceed with animation even though you just triggered to get free hit (enemy AI)

  5. Enemy models after death look bad i.e. weirdly folded legs or arms

  6. Item modifiers do not manifest on equipped item like slight blue tinge for frost enchanted weapon

  7. Vengeance (Sentinel skill using club or axe is still using the stab animation of a sword)

  8. Harusped Orian is a no challenge mini boss (the flying monster before you get the shard). I killed it using vengeance skill as default attack, with no other skills used, and no potions used. No threat level even the slightest.

This is compared to the first mini-boss in Diablo 2 (Blood Raven) which sometimes requires potions or even movement during the fight.

  1. Some enemies die with no corpse

  2. Bats sometime spawn from the ground

  3. Enemies lose their natural sounds when they are attacking. Only projectile sounds and hit sounds are heard.

  4. One hand axe takes up twice the space in the inventory compared to a one hand sword

  5. The lining up behavior of the violet slimes feel so artificial

  6. The game music sounds really detached from the game. Like it was wrong?

  7. The character movement looks stiff. Like the running motion of Diablo 2’s Paladin.

I hope these might help. Please note that some of are opinions.

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1 hour doing forums search would show that this entire list has already been threaded about and most are already in the works or getting better with every patch.

Edit: After rereading this myself i realized how harsh it sounded. In short what i meant by it was all of this is on the forums, the devs are aware, and by release most of these concerns should be a thing of the past :slight_smile:

It’s feedback still so what? Outside of this it’s constructive and right in every paragraph. It’s a nice writeup of thoughts and even if they get 100 times the same feedback it’s feedback ^^.

Im sorry sir, i thought this was how beta works.

That feedback is important in any form and from anyone.

Is there any way I can reach the devs through private message and not by posting in the forums?

No, but they do read the forum and don’t worry about it.

Feedback is feedback and your post was fine.
The campaign is pretty easy at the moment and they said about looking at it, arena and monoliths are the current end game content and they do get harder because of the scaling and buffs monsters get.

Don’t be put off playing and giving feedback!

I suppose that message sound much harder than i meant it to lol. What i meant was, you have nothing to fear all of these things will be better by release :slight_smile: and they have all been talked about so the devs are aware.

no worries sir. thanks

We appreciate all feedback, even if it has been mentioned before. That just means that some things the community feel more strongly about and will be brought up more often. Thanks for the feedback!

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