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Played for about 30 hours now and only played 2 characters so im far from experiencing the whole game but here our some things I have experienced so far.

We will start with the bad and yes I know many of these things you might already be aware or already plan on changing but I’m unaware if that’s the case so…

Character location. Playing a sorcerer I found the there is no equilibrium of the character screen. You can teleport much longer distances the more northwest you go and far lesser distances when trying to teleport southeast. This is very annoying on maps where the boss is below you and gets agro’d before you can even see it.

DPS. So I love the playstyle of the game and its easy to switch skills and try lots of different builds without having to make new characters. This is great. But which one is the best? Now I understand that a lot of what goes into chosing your class is playing one that feels natural and you like, but when it comes to knowing which one is the most efficient some skills do damage so fast (like shrapnel on meteor storm) that you cant read the damages fast enough. Would be really nice if you could implement a small tag or character stat that says how much total damage you have done for the last 5 or 10 running seconds. Just an example I have re-specialized skills over and over again to try different tree routes but its really hard to compare which ones are doing more damage especially damage over time skills with 1 hitters.

Leveling. Now the game is in beta and maybe its nerfed to let players reach high levels quickly just to test things, but in just the first 6 hours of gamplay I was level 65 and had 5 specialized skills to level 20. At this point all there was to do is look for items doing the same runs over and over again (a lot like having to do greater rift runs in D3) I understand a lot of endgame content and even just content in general is coming, but it seems almost to fast and easy to get to high levels and max your character out. also with leveling, since exp is scaled is there any plans to make the rewards for leveling scaled as well? Right now as a wizard I get 5 hp and 1 passive skill point levelling from 2 to 3 or from 60 to 61. Seems like at the higher levels (especially since mobs stats scale up waves/levels) players stats should to. Maybe not go above 1 passive skill point a level but hp and mana and maybe (if you ever played lineage 1?) after level 70 get an actually stat point to point towards intelligence or strength(your choice)?

Defense. This game reminds me of PoE in a big way with defense. Its pointless. In PoE the first time I tried I went full defensive. High Armor. High Resistances. The thought being if I cant die eventually I will kill them. Even maxed out still would get 1 shotted. Feels the same so far in last epoch. Now I haven’t gone full defense but I have 1100 life and I play a ward stacking build. Ive had full life (1100) and almost 2000 ward and still been 1 hit. Just died out of no where. First I thought I t was just a bug and maybe it was, but it seems that the playstyle here is go offensive and kill mobs/bosses fast before they hit you. Which of course might be the way to go with a hack and slash game, but still a tank class that doesn’t need good offense (tons of leech life and life per hit) to be its defense might be a fun class to build. or at least be useful in a party. Also with that being said, I see no healer classes or skills. Both D3 and POE neither had a healer/buffer class I feel like you could work one in and with the right auras/buffs/heals it could be an incredible force to have in your party.

At this point I’m just talking nonsense so I’m going to end the post. Again I know a lot of content is to come and there a lot of changes going to be made but this as a player is just what I would like to see.

P.S. your teams activity and dedication and support to this game is really amazing with just my couple weeks of play time. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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