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Favorite Build

What is your favorite build you have played? Will be starting next character soon and looking for feedback on what to try.

Druid in bear shape. It’s easy to get it going and a lot you can tweak arround. On top of that it’s on the easier side of the scale so you can chill a bit compared to other builds.

I really love my spellblade full melee with mana strike. I teleport to the mob and make ligthening rain :slight_smile: I did not play it since 0.7.4, but now it’s even more powerfull because of the ward on hit that it already use.

My favourite build of all time was probably Mana Meteor… for all the wrong reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:

My most recent build has been a Disintegrate Sorcerer which was a lot of fun.

Next on the list is a Lich, just because I love being in Reaper Form and find Reap really satisfying to use. I haven’t put much thought into it yet. The idea is to dip into Necromancer for Summon Skeleton Mage, take the nodes that make them Cryomancers and able to sacrifice Wraiths, then try to cheese out as many Wraiths as I can through passives and specialization tree nodes. Maybe design a unique item to help the build along while I refine it…

Fav build has to be shield toss. Nothing more satisfying that seeing the shield ricochet all over the screen!

Hammerdin and Frozen orb Soso :slight_smile:

“a lot you can tweak around” isnt every build/char/mastery this way? best part of the game!

Depends pretty much on the player. For minmaxers there is only so little because there are plain and simple better skills. For everyone who just play the game everything pretty tweakable ^^.

This is awesome! I haven’t seen the same response yet. Clearly shows different personal play style but also shows the build variety that the game offers. It’s a beautiful thing.

There are too many builds I want to try. Working on a holy smiter now.

Just tried a lich soul feaster. I think lich probably works better with harvest instead. Want to try that instead.

I alwas have difficulties in ARPG to create my own viable build, so most of the time i use template i saw on forums …
Any advice that could help to try to create your own build while mitigate the risk of big failure ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbf. The game is still in development with a small player base. So I’ll say it’s more like it hasn’t reach a critical mass for a “solved meta” to emerge. We’ll still have to see if this remains the case beyond release :slight_smile:

True but I wasn’t looking for strongest build so meta is objective. I do think that your objective opinion will be biased towards strong builds because being powerful is more fun so once a meta is established we may see people flock to that playstyle.

I am very curious to see if that stays true in the future. It’s seems that each class has multiple damage styles (melee, throwing, spell, summon,etc) and also several different ways to mitigate damage (ward, resists, health regen, armor, etc). It’s cool to see how people mix and match stuff.

My favourite build (from that class) was the lich so far.

Marked for death + Soul feast for Damage (and some ward if I remember correctly).
Rip Blood + transplant specced to cast rip blood and explode into 3 bodies at each Location for main dps (transplant has huge burst dmg and leeches good life!)
Hungering Souls when you are struck (30% Chance or something), with all the +Soul nodes, so that when you get struck, there better be over 10 Souls

Have lots of cast Speed and spell dmg and go -->

marked for death, Soul feast, transplant … and rip the blood out of them until cooldowns are Ready. and zip zip repeat.

Funniest Gameplay ever. Lich is the better mage IMO :wink:

So far my favorite is a shield rush build. I am a sucker for highly mobile builds in any game. So much fun. It helps that it is by far my most powerful build as well.

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