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Faster performance if not using steam client?

Hello :slight_smile:

Just wondering if the performance of the game is better if you use the LastEpoch launcher instead of Steam? Performance is really turning me down from an otherwise really beautiful game. I would try for myself, in fact I try to try, but I am downloading the game with the Last Epoch launcher at the moment, but the download speed is soooo slow, that Christmas will be here sooner I guess.

I wouldn’t expect a difference in performance between the two clients.

Could you post your system information and graphics .INI file?

It is a 2019 iMac 21,5"

3 GHZ 6 Core Intel Core i5
Radeon Pro 560X 4GB

I know its not gaming machine, but when I fiddle around with graphic settings the game runs OK in fullscreen when I turn everything to low. Sometimes I get a black screen, only the UI is visible. I just switch around some settings back and force, and eventually everything will be normal again.

Windowed mode is not working at all, it is very laggy!

But thank you for your answer, it was all I wanted to know. I will continue to play on Steam :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

le_graphicsmanager.ini (379 Bytes)

If I remember correctly, that bug’s related to the Volumetric Lighting setting. That should be the only setting you need to adjust to workaround the issue. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks, this is working :slight_smile:

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