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Extensive Crafting-Guide based on patch 0.7.0f




I published this guide on the official subreddit yesterday and based off the feedback i guess people like it. But i have the feeling that the forum is “way more alive” than the subreddit so i decided to post it here too that more people can benefit from it. I hope you dont mind.

Below you can find a (shortened) Google Docs link to an extensive crafting guide which gives you a complete overview of all possibilities with the crafting system and also some additional advices/information.

Feel free to give me feedback if you find wrong or missing information or if you want me to cover something that’s not in there.

Have fun! I really hope it’s any useful for you.

(Reddit: )


pretty damn good ! Everything you need to know about crafting !
Well done mate ! (:slight_smile:


This is very helpful. Thank you.