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Exsanguinous + Out of Body (teleport) + Reactive Ward

I am not sure if this is worth mentioning here because it’s not a bug so-to-speak just an weird interaction that I am not sure if you guys intended it to work this way.

While wearing unique chest Exsanguinous my health pool is well below the threshold to active Reactive Ward passive in Mage. If you active the node in Teleport called Out of Body the conversion of your health to ward is enough to trigger Reactive Ward when you teleport. Currently within the 12 second internal of Reactive Ward every time I use Teleport I am gaining 100 ward. I heard Transplant is functioning the same way.

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I’m not sure exactly what you’re reporting-- could you clarify what you think is working incorrectly?

You should always gain ward from Out of Body, and Reactive Ward is triggered when your health is updated while below 70%, rather than checking as soon as the cooldown ends, so it sounds like this is working as intended. Are you saying that you think Reactive Ward is triggering when it’s on cooldown?

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