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Exsanguinous drop


Has anyone dropped Exsanguineos in the last 3 days? I would like to make sure the drop was not disabled.

I’m currently in lvl 94, already made about 1500 waves in the arena and + - 100 monolith of fate. I got most of the uniques (many repeated). I also got all the sets.

I haven’t got so far only 5 unique:

  • The Slab
  • Exsanguinous
  • Mourningfrost
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Chimaera’s Essence

I don’t know if the drop is extremely rare or if it can only be achieved in some areas. I would like to be sure if it’s possible to get these items in the arena and in the areas of the monolith of fate. Especially the Exsanguinous.


i have 3 of those items and they all dropped from lower level areas


I dropped Exanguinous. Some uniques feel hard to drop haha


I had thought of that possibility. As soon as I get level 100, I’m going to take some time out for the initial maps. Thanks for the information.


in lower level areas too?


Don’t remember when I dropped it. Some uniques can’t drop in lower level since their base type is only available at higher level. (not sure of my statement though)


In alpha, exsanguinous was the first unique i dropped (around level 5 lol). I used it on mage/witch forever. No better chest for ward classes that dont leech.


You want to find somewhere that drops Noble Raiment as that the base item type for
Exsanguinous according to


Right now I’m fighting against the last boss of the first act (map lvl 23). Noble Raiment is lvl 23 base.

I’ve rounded 32 times, I intend to try 100.

Drops at the moment:
-The Falcon
-Rainbow Edge
-Urzil’s Pride
-Riverband Grasp
-Hammer of Lorent
-The invoker Frozen Heart (set)


Any luck with Exsanguinous drop? I had tried to farm it in the end of first act, until my fps droped to 10 because of loot amout, but still no Exsanguinous. Though, I found 2 uniques, that I hadn’t found before: Humming Bee and Reach of the Grave.


If you’re in higher level areas, there are more drop possibilities, so running the timeline bosses is probably the best bet for finding them, or start a second char to search them out. I found my Exsanguinous fairly quickly :slight_smile:


I have 2 characters and I did a lot of monolith runs, but still no Exsanguinous.

Upd. I finally found it. Dropped from the boss in act 1 (area level 23).


I have 3, rng is rng. I still dont have the wolf helm tho sadly.


I had it drop yesterday I believe i was lvl 45ish at the time running monolith


Exsanguinous dropped 2 days ago for me in Monolith.


The Slab has dropped for me 3 times.
Mourningfrost just dropped for me an hour ago.

I haven’t found the others yet, still looking for the Bleeding Heart(which I believe is a chest with max hp) I need for build. ^.^


It hasn’t been.

This is true, though uniques can be given different level requirements than their base item.

Bleeding Heart is an amulet.

You’re probably thinking of Yrun’s Wisdom or Titan’s Heart.


Ah, yeah that’s it. Titan’s Heart. :slight_smile:


I think you can get them everywhere. RNG sucks sometimes. I have 4 Exsanguinous but’t cant find Titan’s Heart and Fighting Chance. Also I need to complete other uniques collection since there are some builds I need to try.

In official release you can trade for items tho haha

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