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Exodia Necromancer! Hot New Build Using Hungering Souls and Penta Mage Idols! | Apprentice Corner

YouTube Vid :

Short story, 4Kids blocked my vid, so I had to cut out Yugioh meme intro and reupload, sorry for delay! They wasted 2 hours of my time!

Skill Trees

Tunklabs Gear Link (experimental, not final product, update coming soon!)


So I’m not uploading passive tree until I feel like I am certain about choices, I’m still deliberating where I want to go with the passives but it’s your generic hollow lich river of bones damage tree with a focus on int. Passive trees soon!

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Hi, may I ask if you have done any progress on this? Would like to give it a try :slight_smile:

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So I am actually working on it rn, vid will be out soon! So we made a few changes, we are dumping Hungering Souls for just Rip Blood as our main attack skill, as sadly for highest performance in Arena we need the sustain that rip blood gives us, although if you just want to clear monoliths then by far Hungering Souls will do the most.

So someone else posted a video utilizing this build :

And for single target, when we move to Rip Blood we dont have any single target issues as one cast of rip blood counts as 3 hits for Bone Curse.

Thank you for your very fast answer, I’m mostly looking to clear fast some monolith with it so I will stick to Hungering soul for now.

194+ Wave Under 18 Hours In SSF Rip Blood Necromancer here is the updated guide! For hungering souls just sub out rip blood for it!

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Thanks a lot, going to have a look at it :slight_smile:

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Played the build up to level 80 using hungering souls, it was fast enough and fun. I’m wondering if there are any viable ways to build around the fire conversion of the skill.
Have you ever tried that?

The fire version of hungering souls is a cool concept, and it works well when you try to use it by autocasting with Death Seal, but its pretty lackluster.