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Existing Chars are gone and cant create new one?

Played before already 0.7.7C then the game crashed, had a break of 45 mins and now i can Login via Steam but no chars are there. Creating a new one brings the Screen for choosing a class but i cant Choose one with Mouseover?

We’re working on a fix for this issue-- if you post your log file I can confirm it’s the issue I’m thinking of. Make sure to upload both the Player.log and Player-prev.log file. Sorry about this!

Player.log (14.0 KB) Player-prev.log (12.4 KB)
Hope ull find what ur searching for, seems a litte bit small, restarted the game already 5 times i think :slight_smile:
I also saw that in the Settings menü, especially graphics all settings contain Options

Ah yeah the file gets cleared when you restart. Could you please upload the Saves folder (as a .zip) from the same place you got the log files?

I’m not sure what you’re describing with the settings panel-- I’d appreciate a screenshot if you’re able to get one.

Last (1.5 MB)

Thanks, we’re making progress on the loading bug. For the settings dropdowns, deleting the ini file may help. The game will recreate it on startup.

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