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Eterra's Blessing Nodes Question

Hey all, can anyone tell me if this node (“on its target”):

will include allies if this node is used?

My suspicion is that it doesn’t because Overgrowth still uses the term ‘target’ but I thought I would ask to be certain.

The base behaviour of Eterra’s Blessing is “the nearest allied target is healed”. Since the skill is a heal, it can only target allies. Therefore I would expect both the target (the one that receives the base 100 heal) & any allies nearby (the ones that get the 50 heal) get any ailments removed by the purge node.

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Actually I tried this with another node in that tree…where I thought overgrowth would throw out an Eterra’s blessing buff to everyone if overgrowth healed everyone around target…and this wasn’t the case…it only put buff on primary target…

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I’m in the midst of trying to do some testing with this stun mace I found and I’m toying around with Eterra’s Blessing for survival. I’ll see how it plays over the next few days and if I can figure out what is happening with it. After that it’ll be up to the devs to know whether it’s working as intended or needs to be changed.

I also had some issues with this skill’s nodes upon testing, which may be behaving as intended.

First, the crow summon nodes, “Mark of the Corvus” & “Duskshroud”, both say they trigger “when you heal a minion”. However, they only trigger if that minion is healed by the Eterra’s Blessing activation itself.

For proof, potion heals or the AoE heal from the “Overgrowth” node never summon the crows(I’ve tried). However, the second activation from the “Regrowth” node does in fact summon the crows. So if you fancy double the crows that node is an option, as long as you don’t cast on the same minion before the second heal triggers. This is very hard to do as you can’t cast by mousing-over their icons, only their models. A tough task in most situations. This brings me to my last issue.

The Frenzy Totem node “Healing Pulse” gives a chance to trigger Eterra’s Blessing on a random minion every second. This trigger is NOT affected by any of the nodes in the Eterra’s Blessing skill tree(or at least the ones I tested).

It is quite possible that these interactions are working as intended, but they definitely do not work as expected given their descriptions and have stopped me from finding the secret op crow + lightning dogs build, much to my dismay.