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Eterras blessing node needs small rework

Eterras blessing node “triage” which makes it automatically cast at nearest ally with lowest health automatically will cast on yourself unless your pets health falls below your maximum health and your at full health. This needs to be changed to nearest ally with Highest % missing health because wolves which have 160 base health plus 8 for each char level ( i am lvl 100) meaning wolves have 960 base health +4% per strength point (4 points) 960 *1.16 = 1114 + all passive tree = 1111 * 1.25 = 1393 + all gear/idols 82% = 1393 * 1.82 = 2535
1-(935/2535)= 63%
So until my wolves loose 63% of there life i will not target them and thats if my life is full.
Yes i’m sure all my multiplicative / additive minion health life math is off, but i know my wolves have more life than me and that i cant heal them lol. Please change.


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