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ETA on .7.10

My apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere - have the devs given us any estimate on when the next big patch will drop?

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There are usually not indicators from the devs when a patch drops, but from the patching cycles they pretty much nail “every 2 months” +/- 1 week.

0.7.9 was 1 week later than that, but all of the other major content patches were exactly within that margin.

0.7.9 dropped august 4th, so i would expect something like 2nd week of october. +/- 1 week, maybe 2 weeks.

This all comes from experience with all of the other major patches and is nothing official or confirmed

or it will be released when it is ready :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you just mock me because of my awesome informative answer in chat a few hours ago? :imp:

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Path of Exile’s new league is coming out next week. based on that I wouldn’t be surprised if they delayed the next patch due to the fact most people (probably even the LE devs) are wrapped up in PoE

Since the whole business premise surrounding leagues is based off another companies business model.

no I did not mock you I am just being my plain old self

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I would.

I believe that’s what they’ll be doing when they launch, yes, however since this is beta/early access they get their patches out when they’re done (ish). I’d expect 0.7.10 to come out ~2-3 weeks after PoE’s league starts, by which time some will already be getting bored of it (apparently), so I doubt that they’d delay 0.7.10 for Heist.

Edit: Also, 0.7.7 came out 28/03 which was 2 weeks after Deliruim.

Glad to see you’re a tester LLama! Don’t let them even think about releasing with the current dot damage implementation.