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Entangling Roots Change?

So I recently used Entangling Roots after a while playing other characters and something felt off. Its the Roots of Lapp node, which makes you spawn 3 patches on cast. I don’t remember it working the way it currently does. That being one of the patches is centered on me while the other two are placed in a random direction.

I remember they used to spawn with me centered between them. Am I incorrect in my memory or was this changed?

There was a patch note about them changing how they spawned (probably due to how @boardman21 was abusing them).

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They no longer stack on top of eachother or at least very very little overlap due to the stacked healing and immortality that you can reach when it did stack.

Yup, #BlameLorgarBoardman.

I think the larger issue with the current design is the fact that they often spawn in areas that enemies (or players) can’t reach. Same issue with totems etc.

If the two spawned in the direction of the cursor it wouldn’t be so bad. Its the fact it is random makes the node actively detrimental.

Even if that were the case, it would still have the issue of spawning out of bounds and being useful to no one