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Ennemies Variety


The game is pretty cool but for me the most annoying thing is the lack of variety in ennemy type.
I know that Lore can eplain that but it’s to pity that we mostly have purple ennemy and skeleton.
I admit i havent’ reach end-game but that lack of variety almost discourage me.

No offence in my opinion of course, i think it could be interesting for you to know

We agree, we’re adding more :slight_smile:

We appreciate feedback, even when it’s not positive. That’s how the game gets better.

Yes, the game has beautiful enemy models but at the end it gives the impression that there are too much purple mobs. Probably intended due the void theme, but that is the impression it gives specially through leveling/quest process.

Actually I don’t believe the lack of variety is intended. More a function of the game being very young in its development cycle. 3D models and assets takes a long time to develop.

This is why I’m always excited when I see the devs sharing new concept and 3D model renders in the news post as they take step by step to bring life to Eterra :blush:


I meant, I don’t think the variety is that poor; but the amount of purple mobs gives the impression that there is no much variety. but that’s just the way I see it :cowboy_hat_face:


Game can be only better i don’t worry so much for that :sunny:

Welcome to the Void Era!

The other eras will likely have more mob variety, especially the primal era. It’s just part of the lore :man_shrugging:

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