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Enemy's get pushed around by my Minions



im currently running on the 0.7.0d patch and i have a problem with my minions.
As the titel suggests, they(especially my meele ones, thats Wraiths and my Golems) just keep pushing the “big” enemy’s around instead of attacking them. They don’t seem to “reach” them.
EDIT: It isn’t the buff, it seams to be the enemy itself
I had it happen with the Soul Prison enemy, i don’t know if there are other specific enemys that show this behaviour.
I’ll keep an eye out for any other enemy i spot with this behaviour and will edit my post accrodingly.

Is anyone else having the problem?
Thanks in advance for reading.

EDIT2: There is also this one in the bug reports Section thats speaks about it:

Golem keeps pusing enemys

Same. And it is annoying that my minions push boss to a wall where only half of them can hit reliably.


I’ve also seen this, with flame golems specifically.


I have same problem primary with my wraiths.
Sometimes the pull enemies around over 2 screens…

As u can see here @18:20

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