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Enemies should not be able to turn while they're winding up an attack

Say, for example, that I’m fighting a Rime Giant. Ideally I would be moving around it as it attacks, weaving in my own casts around it to avoid damage and eventually beat it. But in reality, that Rime Giant will rotate to track me the entire time, and when its attack lands, it will land on me. This seems to apply to every enemy’s attacks, including some telegraphed ones; Beetle Queens, for example, track you for a short time with their AOE indicator rotating around before they actually cast it. What this ends up doing, besides drastically shortening the amount of time you have to react to certain attacks, is discouraging movement. Right now it encourages me to stand still. Why should I bother trying to evade attacks or play smart? I’m just going to get punished for it. My only options are to facetank, or play a ranged caster.

While an enemy is winding up an attack (raising their fist, rearing up to bite, drawing back a sword etc.) they should stay facing in the direction they were when they started the attack. Encourage players to move around, “dancing” with enemies to avoid getting hit if they can time their attacks properly.

Path of Exile actually did something like this last year, where as part of a greater animation overhaul they made enemies attack in a cone in front of them, instead of how it previously worked, where enemies would hit players even if they’d moved out of the animation. Last Epoch has the same problem (albeit with a different cause), and I believe the solution is the same; stop them from tracking you as you move.


Agreed, PoE’s change made it a lot easier to deal with large telegraphed melee-range attacks.

Yeah it was great, made the game a lot more engaging, especially early on. In Last Epoch, fighting some enemies feels like fighting Hillock pre-Legion, but with even more tracking.

And can we PLEASE, unlike PoE, stretch that fix for ALL mobs at ALL levels? The guys above may not have noticed it, but Hillock/Brutus doesn’t have that safe-zone when you face them in Maps or when Brutus is with Shavronne…because by the point GGG thinks you’re zooming like the 0.1% and can just glide around him or something. Same goes for most mobs except certain Skeletons from Act 1 that are reused elsewhere (non-instant firing).

Consistency plxthx.

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