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End Game Monster Density


I have been playing the game for about 30 or so hours and made it to end game with a few different characters. I am personally a very large ARPG fan and have put thousands of hours into other ARPGs. As a pillar of the ARPG genre the fun part is to kill hordes upon hordes of monsters and get loot. One thing I wanted to bring up and discuss was monster density in the Endgame activities.

I ended up leveling and making it to the endgame. The story has decent density and is almost to be expected to be somewhat on the lower side to ensure you do not overwhelm a weaker/new player. This was perfectly acceptable and I very much enjoyed the campaign as it stands currently. However, upon reaching endgame and starting to gear up in the MoF. I noticed that the amount of monsters in the areas is not very high and often they are very distant from one another. The density and monster count in these areas even after being 10+ monolith runs deep is very similar to the campaign density which is rather disappointing to me.

Ideally, We should be seeing a progression in density as the story progresses (and our characters get stronger). One thing i might suggest is adding a stat to the monolith “buffs” being monster pack density or monster count increase or something of the sort. I do believe this would help the endgame areas feel a little less barren and would be more enjoyable to flex these awesome characters we are all building against.


I’m not sure that the density is much higher in monoliths than in the rest of the game, I’ve “only” got up to mid/high-30s. It is significantly higher in Arenas, but that’s a horde/wave survival mode so that’s to be expected.

I don’t disagree that we could/should get higher density/larger packs as the game progresses, but Monoliths/campaign have increasing mob difficulty (due to levels in campaign & affixes in Monolith).

Ideally, We should feel a difference between the story density and level 20 or 30 in the monolith with stacked affixes. The other aspect of this is that a higher monster count would also allow the endgame to feel more rewarding.

Recently, i have found myself skipping many packs of monsters in the monolith itself to just objective hunt due to the experience within the monolith feeling vastly unrewarding in the quantity of drops while at higher monolith levels, the chest feels amazing to open.

You are correct the difficulty is higher but ideally id love to see the monolith feel better. This could be done with a few different levers like the quantity of item drops or monster count.

Yeah, you could probably add a flat 1% or 2% increased number of mobs per monolith level, then possibly reduce the item quantity drops by the same amount such that you end up with the current item drops (either during the monolith or in the chest at the end).

As ironically Monoliths aren’t set in stone, we’ll probably see a lot of changes. Maybe new mods (i mean more than just an affix of Monolith) will be implemented (especially with the future multi).

Meanwhile, i agree with you, we lack sometimes of mobs density. A slight increase could be great (no need to turn it into a big Arena).

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